Saturday, 18 June 2011

Interview 92 - Aston Villa FC

Aston Villa, Birmingham, West MidlandsArch-Rivals: Birmingham City
Nickname: The Villans
Founded: 1874

Aston Villa

The quickfire interview was done with Ryan, @ryann_walsmley on Twitter. Follow him.

Q1.What do you think of the seemingly impending appointment of Alex McLeish?
1. F***ing underwhelmed to say the least. 

Q2. What expectations do you have of your club this year?

2. Not much in all honesty, but it depends on who the manager is. Somewhere between 8th and 11th is my guess, hopefully with an appearance at Wembley thrown in there.

Q3. Which match defined your team last season? 

3. I'd say the Chelsea away game was close to it, but when we beat Man City at home with Bent scoring the only goal on his debut was massive. The pure relief felt around the ground after that game was so evident. After that, we really started to push on. 

Q4. Who do you tip for relegation from your league? 

4. The obvious choices perhaps but Swansea, Norwich and QPR. 
I don't think that Swansea have enough fire power upfront despite signing Danny Graham, their away record in the Championship was hardly great nor do I think they have the defensive steel in their side unlike Norwich and QPR. 
Judging by Norwich's signings so far, they just seem to be making sure that they are ready for life in the Championship at the start of next season, but under Lambert, who knows. 
Under the stewardship of Neil Warnock, I think QPR will be a very tough side to break down, but the question remains if their owners are prepared to back the manager, without it though, I can't see them playing Premier League football for two consecutive years.

Q5. Which player would you realistically like to sign?

5. I'd love to see Milner back, but you said realistic, so I'll go with Kyle Walker, a player that really excites me. 

Q6. Which of your players will have a point to prove this season?

6. Dunne and Collins, if they're still here that is. And maybe Makoun.

Q7. Who are you most looking forward to playing?

7. I've never seen us play them before so I'll say Swansea.

Q8. What team do you hate playing? 

8. Was going to say Blues, but as it happens, we won't be playing them next season! I'll go with Stoke. Don't get me started on them.

Q9. What ground do you look forward to playing at most. (Away league games only!)

9. Soulless stadium but the DW. Been there 4 times now, and we've won on every occasion.

Q10. Do you look out for any other teams in the league? If so, which one(s)?

10. West Brom and Wolves, which is quite strange, seeing as the feeling is most definitely not mutual. I'll put it down to jealousy, haha.

Q11. Do you have any match superstitions?

11. Nah, not that type of person!

Q12. Sum up Aston Villa FC in three words.

12. At the moment? Sack of s***. (Inconsistent yet encapturing being the politer version.)

Q13. Favourite Villa player of all time?

13. Ian Taylor. Absolute hero. 

Q14. How will you fare in the cup competitions?

14. Dependant on the manager and where we are situated in the league. I reckon we'll be solidly mid-table, so a cup run could be on the cards, I hope.

Q15. Name three things you could improve to do with Villa. (Money excluded!)

15. Knock down the eyesore that is the North Stand, make the chips and curry sauce cheaper and a better atmosphere, it was like being in a morgue at some games last season.

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