Friday, 17 June 2011

Interview 92 - Swindon Town FC

Swindon Town FC, Swindon, Wiltshire
Arch-Rivals: Oxford United
Nickname: The Robins
Founded: 1879

Swindon Town
The quickfire interview was done with Ollie, @olliehowitt on Twitter. 

Q1.Who do you tip for promotion from League 2? 
Swindon, Crawley, Rotherham, Torquay and Bradford

Q2. What expectations do you have of your club this year?
Following our dismal season leading to our relegation, I expect us to bounce straight back up. We have Di Canio which has brought a lot of excitement and belief into the club

Q3. Which match defined your team last season?
Yeovil at home, lost 1-0. All the signs were there, no effort, no teamwork. Poor.

Q4. Who do you tip for relegation from your league?
Plymouth and Macclesfield

Q5. Which player would you realistically like to sign?
Cody Macdonald, although half the country rumoured in him

Q6. Which of your players will have a point to prove this season?
I would like to name a few, but they have recently jumped ship. Elliot Benyon, never had a chance to make impact
Q7. Who are you most looking forward to playing?

Q8. What team do you hate playing?
Oldham, hate going up there as always grim!
Q9. What ground do you look forward to playing at most. (Away league games only!)
Bradford, and a few of the little grounds. Purely tick them off

Q10. Do you look out for any other teams in the league? If so, which one(s)?
Southend. Lovely cafe in away end
Q11. Do you have any match superstitions?
I bet money against us
Q12. Sum up Swindon Town in three words.
Frustrating, Loveable and Big

Q13. Favourite Swindon player of all time?
Only been a fan since 2003, so I have to say Sam Parkin, or most recently Simon Cox

Q14. How will you fare in the cup competitions?
Hopefully we concentrate on the league, as aim to go up straight away. But a nice little cup run is always nice
Q15. Name three things you could improve to do with Oxford. (Money excluded!)
Sign players quicker, better food in the ground, and get rid of the rockin robin with the 13 year old cheer leaders! Cringey

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