Saturday, 18 June 2011

Interview 92 - Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers, Bolton, Greater ManchesterArch-Rivals: Blackburn Rovers
Nickname: The Trotters
Founded: 1874

Bolton Wanderers
The quickfire interview was done with Ian, @IanChadbond1958 on Twitter

Q1.What do you think of Owen Coyle, from his time managing you?

Owen Coyle brought relief to thousands of fans by taking over from Gary Megson. He instilled a sense of belief within the club and went on to prove his football coaching skills could equal the best by remodelling, reshaping and respecting the players he had inherited from Megson. A testament to this was not only the first half of the season but the introduction of loan players such as Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge and Vladimir Weiss. Wilshere has since gone onto England fame and no doubt Sturridge will too. Coyle’s positive attitude and love for the game has found many a Trotters fan defensive whenever a managerial post becomes available. It is sad to say that the season petered out after the FA Cup semi-final defeat to Stoke. Although, I don’t think anybody had had the stuffing knocked out of them more than Mr Owen Coyle. It’s, “Work in progress”. 8/10

 Q2. What expectations do you have of your club this year?

8th or 9th in the League, that’s all.

 Q3. Which match defined your team last season?

West Ham United away from home early in the season – it reinforced belief in the team’s new found freedom in 
their passing game whilst still understanding that there needs to be both a plan A and plan B.

 Q4. Who do you tip for relegation from your league?

Blackburn, Swansea & Wolves

 Q5. Which player would you realistically like to sign?

 Zoltan Gera (on a free)

Q6. Which of your players will have a point to prove this season?

 Petrov – great skills but needs to be more of a team player and lose the perceived attitude.

Q7. Who are you most looking forward to playing?

 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Q8. What team do you hate playing?

 Birmingham City at St Andrews. This goes back to the old 3rd Division when it became a so-called bogie-ground.

Q9. What ground do you look forward to playing at most. (Away league games only!)


Q10. Do you look out for any other teams in the league? If so, which one(s)?
Any team at the bottom of the Premier League, Rochdale, Preston & strangely enough Cowdenbeath!

 Q11. Do you have any match superstitions?

 I always clear the driveway of any cigarette stubs at least an hour before kick off.

Q12. Sum up Bolton Wanderers FC in three words.

 “Sir” Nat Lofthouse

Q13. Favourite Bolton player of all time?

 Super John McGinlay

Q14. How will you fare in the cup competitions?

 League Cup 3rd Rnd, FA Cup 4th Rnd

Q15. Name three things you could improve to do with Bolton. (Money excluded!)

  1. Move the Reebok Stadium into Bolton.
  2. Change the club badge back to the Red Rose of Lancashire with the town’s emblem – the Elephant & Castle.
  3. Go back to using black shorts instead of navy blue.

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