Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Right. One thing I have never understood in the female (and ever so occasionally male) psyche, is the need to garner as many shoes as you can. I have, at the last count, 5 pairs of shoes. 

Pair 1 - My workboots. They are safety shoes, so they have a metal (steel I think) toecap, and  generally will enable you to withstand up to 2 tonnes of weights, or indeed enable you to threaten your brother with if he steals your stuff/money. Cost me £30 but are mandatory at work.

Pair 2 - My Dunlop Greenflashes. Generally for playing sports in, even acceptable on a tennis court. (Yes, I play tennis.) neat and tidy and cost me £10.

Pair 3 - My smart shoes. I use them for going out, being presented with many awards, and "for use in a court appearance" as my mother said when recommended them. Thanks Mum, least we know who she expects to be the crim in the family. Cost £10

Pair 4 - My infamous oranges. Many have mocked these, they're black, with bright orange laces, and white soles. But they're my lucky shoes, and whether you love them or despise them, they're not going anywhere. Cost £7.

Pair 5 - Save the best for last. My Berghaus Explorer GTX. Yes, they are hiking boots. Yes I do hiking, and don't find it a chore. These mothers have carried me around the English, Scottish and Welsh countryside, hillsides, mountainsides, down a dale, through towns, and I watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final in them. As I won £75 on my works fantasy football, they more than paid off their cost. Sentimentally valued as priceless. Cost £60.

Basically, I can't understand why you'd need umpteen pairs of shoes, never have, never likely to either. It just puzzles me! But then again, I'm male, and we're all different I suppose.

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