Friday, 17 June 2011

McLeish confirmed as Villa manager.

This could be an utter disaster of an appointment. A man who has taken down the same side twice in 3 years, a man with a patchy transfer record, a man disliked by damn near all of Birmingham. But then again, this could be a decision we may celebrate in the future.

Lets hope eh!

Don't get me wrong, I didn't want McLeish, and he was not in my top 30 choices for manager. However, I am above all else, a supporter of Aston Villa Football Club, and despire how hard it is, I am going to get fully behind Eck. There's no point in wanting him out without giving him a chance - it isn't fair. However, the man will have to do a lot, and I do mean a lot, to win over most of the Villa faithful. Even if he did, there will be a knot of supporters who'll never want him as manager. But who knows what a supportive board and a few mil can do? He was criticised for his dour style, and I for one hate his style of football, but we've got Darren Bent, and for the moment, Stewart Downing and Marc Albrighton in our attack. With all due respect to Birmingham, a frontline of Larsson, Zigic and Jerome is hardly a fearsome attack. One thing I do commend him on is his defence organisation. 

Either way it is a strange appointment, and it shows a) not only does Randy have the strength of mind to appoint an unpopular manager, but b) McLeish has a set of balls on him to do this. 

We have a decent set of fixtures to start off the season, so let's hope Big 'Eck can get a few signings in and get the team firing. Hopefully this will be a successful appointment, and Villa can have a strong season.

UTV. VTID. Unleash McLeish.

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