Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Interview 92 - Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Arch-Rivals: Manchester United/ Everton
Nickname: The Reds
Founded: 1892


The quickfire interview was done with Theo, @tsbs92 on Twitter.

Q1. What do you think of your new signings?

"Delighted with Suarez & Carroll in Jan. Nice to have strengthened as a squad for a change rather than relying on 1 or 2 star players. Hoping Henderson lives up to his potential. Assuming Adam signs I'm pleased with him too. Was the best player in the PL last year imo. Great playmaker, can actually tackle and awesome at set pieces. Won't be disappointed if he replaces Meireles."

Q2. What are your expectations for Liverpool in the coming season?"

With the current squad I'd like us to make top 4, but if rumours about us going for the likes of Juan Mata and Adam Johnson come true I'd like to think we're still challenging for the title in April."

Q3. Which match defined your team last season?

"3-1 at home to United. Showed everyone how good we really are & was rolling back the years."

Q4. Who do you tip for relegation from your league?

"Wigan, Newcastle and Wolves"

Q5. Which player would you realistically like to sign?

"Adam Johnson, just the sort of signing that sums up the club's philosophy."

Q6. Which of your players will have a point to prove this season?

"Andy Carroll, after spending £35m on him he didn't really do a lot last season because of injury and we actually played better without him so he has something to prove."

Q7. Who are you most looking forward to playing?

"Chelsea, we were awful last year & still did the double over them with Woy's team. They'll have a new manager & different squad but they'll be up against a proper Kenny squad. Just to show Torres what he's missing out on."

Q8.  What team do you hate playing?

"Arsenal, we just never beat them."

Q9. What ground do you look forward to playing at most. (Away league games only!)

"Emirates, been there twice & the atmosphere is just amazing."

Q10. Do you look out for any other teams in the league? If so, which one(s)?

"Aston Villa because of the missus :P"

Q11. Do you have any match superstitions?

"Wear the shirt that Liverpool are wearing that day."

Q12. Sum up Liverpool FC in three words.

"Never Walk Alone"

Q13. Favourite Liverpool player of all time?

"Robbie Fowler, if he hadn't had those injuries in the late 90s he would have been our best ever striker."

Q14. How will you fare in the cup competitions?

"Well we'll use the Carling Cup for the kids so depends how ready they are. I'd like to think we'd have a good go at the FA Cup as we're not in Europe & haven't played at the new Wembley yet."

Q15. Name three things you could improve to do with Liverpool. (Money excluded!)

"Build new stadium, make Gerrard & Carra 5 years younger and have student tickets for games."


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